"Creepy" is the new "scary".

creepy old timey shiz.jpg

Are you feelin it yet? The pressure of finding the perfect Halloween costume?  Although I usually don't come up with something until the last minute, I definitely devote a majority of October daydreams to costume ideas. So, while everyone else readies their "Sexy Paula Deen" outfit, why not go the other way? Something freaky enough to weed out children, frat guys, Christian neighbors and yet earn the respect of Tim Burton fans.

Let's get creepy. click here for more nightmare fuel. 


You may not agree with her now but someday you will.

Why does our society ignore old people? They may be wrinkled, they may smell like aspirin/cabbage and they maybe angry but they've lived a lifetime, they have the best stories and you will be one of them one day.

Another upside to old age? You're always right. the lady featured in this Esquire article sure is. Click here for sex advice from a 98yr old...and I'd like to point out that she's from Florida...because EVERYTHING comes back to Florida.

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