Tubs Graffiti: Why Destroy Perfection?


What was a seedy hot tub *by the hour* business has now become a haven for street artists. There's a rumor that Tubs is going to be torn down yet it still stands...I stopped by the other day and had three conversations. One with a guy that didn't know much but he didn't want it to go...another with two utility guys that seemed irritated it hadn't been demolished yet and another one with "Adbom" an artist that just finished his 8th book...he told me "graffiti" means "to scratch/to leave a mark". Needless to say he was fascinating. I shared with him a street art conversation I had with a neighbor that said, "how would you like it if I painted all over the hood of your car"...I told him "it depends what you painted!" He told me that an anonymous person bought Tubs and saved it. I only wish I knew who he was to thank him. VIVA TUBS.